Superslides 0.6 is Out!

About 2 minutes to read

Superslides has come a long way in a year. So what's changed?

(Chicago, early 1900s)

Fade animation

Probably one of the biggest requested features was a fade animation. I went one step further, though. I realize folks might want to customize how it works, and that's only fair. An extensible fx engine has been added so you can customize transitions.

Goodbye Coffeescript

I really do like Coffeescript and I continue to use it where appropriate. I felt that it wasn't right for this project though. Debugging issues through CS generated code was a huge frustration.

A bunch of new examples

A new examples folder now showcases about a dozen features.

Performance fixes

Double image loading, multiples, IE fixes, the works. Many long standing issues resolved on this release.

If you do happen upon a bug, post an issue on Github and we'll get it resolved.